Zachery Foxx is a father of Jessica Foxx and Zach Jr., married. By the book type. During an escape from space pirate Captain Kidd's ship, Zach was critically injured. In order to save his life, almost his entire left side was replaced with bionics. His wife Eliza was captured and sent to the The Queen of the Crown's psychocrypt. Although Eliza's body was returned to earth, her mind lies trapped in a psychocrystal. Captain Foxx's primary personal mission is to free Eliza's psychocrystal from the Queen.

Abilities Edit

Foxx's Series 5 power implant is linked directly to his bionic left arm and leg. The arm can fire and gives him extra strength. Foxx is the field captain of the Series 5 Rangers.


Trivia Edit

voiced by the late Jerry Orbach who died in 2003.