Single (but he has quite a way with the ladies). No parents. Born as part of a failed genetic experiment conducted by Joseph Walsh and Dr. Owen Negata. Their attempt at creating the perfect genetically enhanced soldiers went horribly awry when an overzealous senator decided to speed the mutation process along with a highly unstable chemical (known as "Supertrooper Juice") which drove the Supertroopers insane. Most were trapped and are in cryogenic chambers. A few escaped (Ryker Killbane, Brainchild, Darkstar, Gravestone, and Stingray). Goose was spared the cryogenic coffins on one condition - that he enlist in the Galaxy Rangers and bring in the rogue Supertroopers - dead or alive

Gooseman's Series 5 implant activates internal bio-defenses giving him limited shape-shifting abilities and the ability to heal very fast. He is a weapons expert and top marksman with any sort of blaster.