Ryker Killbane is a bio-defense close combat soldier. He is a First Batch Supertrooper.

In some ways, he is the prototype for the type of Supertrooper that Shane Gooseman was crafted on. During the early years at Wolfden, since Shane was a late arrival, being much younger than the majority of the other Supertroopers, he was considered the 'baby' of the group. Killbane took a perverse pleasure in belittling the other man, going so far as to call him runt at almost every occasion. Killbane has quite the same bio-defense abilities as Gooseman, but also has the ability to blow poison gas from glands in his mouth, much like a lizard or snake can release venom. Ryker Killbane has become twisted by the genetic enhancement and has focused all his rage and anger on Shane Gooseman, whom he perceives as the enemy. This is both due to the rivalry they both participated in during their time at Wolfden and the fact that Gooseman was always being 'coddled' by Commander Walsh, and given somewhat preferential treatment. Killbane is very self-centered, always thinking of himself before anybody else - a holdover from the days at Wolfden. In the encounters since the Wolfden days, Killbane has tried to attack or disable Gooseman, the only one really capable of seriously injuring him outside of the other Supertroopers.