Ranger-3, or the Ranger Corsair, is a larger version of the Ranger Interceptor. This two-person ship has twice the firepower of the Interceptor, along with some interesting human inventions. The primary hull of the ship containing the Andorian Wormhole-Hyperdrive, can be jettisoned in the event of a hyperdrive failure, and detonated to ensure the secrets of the hyperdrive do not fall into enemy hands. The explosion of the drive section will also destroy most small ships within a kilometer of it.

The Corsair has 10g thrusters with a 12g gravity net, and a range at full burn of one week, or 10 weeks at 1g thrust. Once the Drive section is detached, the ship has a range of less than two hours, just sufficient to land the ship on a nearby base or planet. The ship's cargo capacity is limited to two standard cargo containers.