This large cruiser is typical of the ships that are used to transport the military and VIPs around the League in. BETA has 20 of these powerful cruisers, all based on an Andorian design that dates back to 2086. This ship needs two crew, and has emergency carrying capacity for up to 80 people. It also includes extendable shirtsleeve docking facilities, so it can perform a hard-dock with smaller fighters or interceptors and allow non-space-suited travel between the ships. It has a single-twin barrelled laser cannon mounted below the nose, forward of the main drop-hatch which has been equipped with a standard 2 Mw rated cannon.
Th Ship is equipped with an Andorian Wormhole-Hyperdrive, capable of speeds in excess of 1 ly/hour. It's normal thrusters are rated at 10g, with it's internal gravity net capable of compensating for accelerations of up to 20g. The ship carries enough fuel for 2 weeks continuous burn at 1g, and can be refuelled at any refuelling depot or base. The Cargo Capacity of the Cruiser is eight Standard Cargo Containers.