There are several conflicting episodes listings:

At least the official one seems to have mistakes like listing Mindnet (where Mindnet is introduced) after Traash (Where Niko uses the Mindnet).

Episode # Episode Title Written by Directed by Original air date
01-01 "Phoenix" Robert Mandell Unknown September 14, 1986
Zachary Foxx is about to become a powerful weapon in the fight against alien outlaws working for the Queen of the Crown. With bionics and a computer implant in his brain, Foxx heads up group of Galaxy Rangers with special abilities to fight this powerful enemies from outer space.
01-02 "New Frontier" Robert Mandell Unknown September 15, 1986
The Galaxy Rangers are sent to rescue humans from the Queen's psychocrypt asteroid including Zachary Foxx's wife, Eliza. Her lifeforce has already been drained and she is frozen to keep her alive while Zachary hunts down the crystal to bring her back life.
01-03 "Mindnet" Brian Daley Unknown September 15, 1986
Killbane breaks into Longshot and steals one of the components of Mindnet, a device that induces psi abilities, for the Queen of the Crown
01-04 "Tortuna" Christopher Rowley Unknown September 14, 1986
01-05 "Chained" Robert Mandell Unknown October 29, 1986
01-06 "Smuggler’s Gauntlet" Brian Daley Unknown September 14, 1986
01-07 "Mistwalker" Lucia Robson Unknown October 29, 1986
01-08 "Wildfire" Henry Beck Unknown September 14, 1986
01-09 "Ghost Station" Lance Strate Unknown October 29, 1986
01-10 "One Million Emotions" Tom De Haven Unknown Unknown
01-11 "Magnificent Kiwi" Robert Mandell Unknown Unknown
01-11 "Mindnet" Brian Daley Unknown Unknown
01-12 "Tune-up" John Rawlins Unknown Unknown
01-13 "Traash" Christopher Rowley Unknown Unknown, 1986
01-14 "Space Sorcerer" Robert Mandell Unknown Unknown
01-15 "Progress" John Rawlins Unknown Unknown
01-16 "Queen's Lair" Christopher Rowley Unknown Unknown
01-17 "The Ax" Dan Fiorella Unknown Unknown
01-18 "Shaky" Unknown Unknown September 15, 1986
01-19 "Space Moby" Dan Fiorella Unknown September 14, 1986
01-20 "Scarecrow" Christopher Rowley Unknown Unknown
01-21 "The Power Within" James Luceno Unknown Unknown
01-22 "Games" Robert Mandell Unknown Unknown
01-23 "Showtime" John Rawlins Unknown Unknown
01-24 "Psychocrypt" Robert Mandell & Christopher Rowley Unknown Unknown
01-25 "Renegade Rangers" Cy Voris Unknown Unknown
01-26 "Edge of Darkness" Robert Mandell Unknown Unknown
01-27 "Armada" Brian Daley Unknown Unknown
01-28 "Birds of a Feather" James Luceno Unknown Unknown
01-29 "Stargate" Chris Rowley Unknown Unknown, 1986
01-30 "Buzzwang's Folly" Dan Fiorella & John Rawlins Unknown Unknown
01-31 "Heart of Tarkon" Robert Mandell Unknown Unknown
01-32 "Murder on the Andorian Express" Dan Fiorella & John Rawlins Unknown Unknown
01-33 "Lady of Light" Laurel Davis Unknown Unknown
01-34 "Scarecrow's Revenge" Mick Farren Unknown September 15, 1986
01-35 "Mothmoose" John Rawlins Unknown September 14, 1986
01-36 "Natural Balance" Robert Mandell Unknown Unknown
01-37 "Ariel" Unknown Unknown Unknown
01-38 "In Sheep's Clothing" James Luceno Unknown Unknown
01-39 "Marshmallow Trees" Robert Mandell & Christopher Rowley Unknown Unknown
01-40 "Shoot Out" Robert Mandell Unknown Unknown
01-41 "Bronto Bear" Christopher Rowley Unknown Unknown
01-42 "Invasion" John Rawlins Unknown Unknown
01-43 "Rogue Arm" Mick Farren Unknown Unknown
01-44 "Aces and Apes" Robert Mandell Unknown Unknown
01-45 "Badge of Power" Robert Mandell Unknown Unknown, 1986
01-46 "Boomtown" Dan Fiorella Unknown Unknown
01-47 "Supertroopers" Brian Daley Unknown Unknown
01-48 "Galaxy Stranger" Tom De Haven Unknown Unknown
01-49 "Lord of the Sands" Mick Farren Unknown Unknown
01-50 "Changeling" Robert Mandell Unknown September 15, 1986
01-51 "Horse Power" Robert Mandell Unknown September 14, 1986
01-52 "Westride" Lucia Robson Unknown Unknown
01-53 "Rainmaker" Tom De Haven Unknown Unknown
01-54 "Battle of the Bandits" Robert Mandell Unknown Unknown
01-55 "Rusty and the Boys" Cy Voris Unknown Unknown
01-56 "Trouble at Texton"" Christopher Rowley Unknown Unknown
01-57? "Promised Land"" Robert Mandell Unknown Unknown
01-58 "Don Quixote Cody" Henry Beck Unknown Unknown
01-59 "Tortuna Rock" Robert Mandell Unknown Unknown
01-60 "Fire and Iron" James Luceno Unknown Unknown
01-61? "Round Up" James Luceno Unknown Unknown, 1986
01-62 "Tower of Combat" Mick Farren Unknown 08/Dec/86
The General is back and has perfected a matter transportation device to capture and create an army and sets up a challege for the Rangers. Goose and Niko take up the challege to rescue Doc and Zachery from serving in the General's army for life.
01-63 "Gift of Life" Robert Mandell Unknown 09/Dec/86
The Galaxy rangers help track down a genetically engineered flying horse called Sundancer for 13 year old Billy whose parents were murdered for it by alien outlaws,
01-64 "Sundancer" Robert Mandell Unknown 10/Dec/86
Billy manages to save the flying horse Sundancer but the gang who killed Billy's parents have tracked them down and taken them to Tortuna City. Will the Rangers arrive in time to help billy save Sundancer from the horse that will determine their fate?
01-65 "Heartbeat" Robert Mandell Unknown 11/Dec/86
The Rangers race to the planet Tarkon to protect it against an armada sent by the Queen of the Crown

Back on Tarkon, where the Tarkonians live under a strict belief that technology is ill-fated and its use forbidden among its people, Ranger Walter "Doc" Hartford is trying to convince King Spartos to heed his warnings. Doc has brought information stating that the Queen of the Crown is mounting an attack on Tarkon and that the only thing that can save them is to awaken "the Heart of Tarkon."

With the Crown Armada approaching and the Scarecrow threatening to destroy the "Heart" for his own plans, Doc must rally with help from the daughter of King Spartos, Maya, to help an old Shaman bring life back to "the Heart of Tarkon."