Episode 64
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Air date December 10, 1986
Written by Robert Mandell
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"Gift of Life"

"Sundancer" is the 64th episode of The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers.


Continued from "Gift of Life", William Ester Sawyer awakes on Tortuna with only his clothes, a slingshot and the mysterious medallion left to him by Max Sawyer. Shortly after, Billy finds Sundancer tied and under attack from a local predator and attempts to save the horse from becoming the next meal.

Billy Sawyer follows the moring star to the far side of the planet Tortuna on a quest to track down the great winged horse, Sundancer, created by his father. Billy finds the horse but it is under attact from a ferocious saber-toothed tiger. In a daring rescue, Billy manages to save Sundancer. Billy and Sundancer become instant friends. But the gang that killed Billy's parents have tracked the boy and kidnap Billy and Sundancer. Billy awakens in a barn in Tortuna City. A great race is to be run the next day. The race will determine the fastest horse on Tortuna and the prizes are great. Billy convinces the stable keeper to help him contact the Galaxy Rangers. The Rangers arrive in time to help Billy get Sundancer back and enter the race. But even the Galaxy Rangers can't help Billy and Sundancer against the fastest and meanest horses and riders in all of Tortuna.