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Air date November 10, 1986
Written by Mick Farren
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"Lady of Light"


The Scarecrow is back this time on the planet of Tarkon. It is searching Tarkon's Haunted Lands for another of its kind --the ancient unkillable warrior called the Sleeper buried deep within the ground and leaving entire villages of frozen, lifeless people in his wake. Princess Maya leads the Galaxy Rangers, Niko and Shane Gooseman as they track the Scarecrow to the great mountain that houses the Heart of Tarkon. The ancient sleeping computer is the only thing protecting an unsuspecting galaxy from the Sleeper and the Scarecrow is there to make sure the computer does not interfere. The Galaxy Rangers must prevent the Sleeper from rising and at the same time figure out how to stop the ancient gunslinging Scarecrow once and for all.