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Air date October 24, 1986
Written by Robert Mandell
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Zozo and Niko take the Kiwi kids, Little Zachery, Jessica and Buzzwang to the fabled planet of Dybarr, home of the wondrous Mistwalker. Zozo brags about the incredible variety of plant and animal life in Bistee Finokee, the home of Mistwalker's people, a wonderland of nature working perfectly with the inhabitants. But when our heroes arrive, all is not well. Mistwalker explains that a strange virus is infecting a section of the forest. She leads Niko and the rest into the forest where they discover that the trees have begun to mutate. The once beautiful trees are now gnarly, ugly and monstrous. The trees reach for the kids trying to capture them. Deeper in the evil forest, more trouble awaits as the plants and animals become more and more vicious and gruesome. The Rangers discover that evil scientist, Lazarus Slade is at work here, experimenting with a stolen vial of Batch 22. When Zozo tries to stop Slade, Zozo becomes infected with the bizarre virus and the Rangers and Mistwalker must quickly find the cure before Zozo becomes evil.