Episode 65
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Air date 11/Dec/86
Written by Robert Mandell
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"Heartbeat" is the 65th episode of The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers.


The Queen of the Crown is sending a Crown armada to invade the planet Tarkon, world that forbids the use of high technology. The only thing that can save the planet are huge defensive guns mounted on Tarkon's moons. The guns are controlled by the ancient computer that lies beneath the mountain called The Heart of Tarkon. The Galaxy Rangers race to Tarkon aboard the BETA battle cruiser, Laredo, along a fleet of BETA warships to hold off the Crown fleet until Doc can get inside the Heart of Tarkon and awaken the ancient computer. But Doc finds that another foe also means to get to the Heart of Tarkon. The Scarecrow, ancient adversary of the computer, is trying to gain immortality by taking over the computer and using its power. Doc, with the help of Princess Maya must battle the Scarecrow for control of the giant computer while the other Rangers battle the Crown fleet in space.