Episode 63
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Air date December 9, 1986
Written by Robert Mandell
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"Tower of Combat"

"Gift of Life" is the 63rd episode of The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers.


Following up a tip from Geezi the Pedulont, the Galaxy Rangers find the hideout of two renegade Supertroopers on the far side of Tortuna. The Supertrooper are man and wife and have perfected a genetically engineered flying horse. It is a priceless, one-of-a-kind animal. However someone has gotten to them first and the woman is dead. The man, Max Sawyer, mutters his last dying breath to Goose, "My son must have this." The male Supertrooper gives Goose a strange Starstone and dies. Outside, the Rangers discover the thirteen year old son of the Supertrooper, William Ester Sawyer, and take him under protective custody. Goose tries to explain what has happened but the boy only wants to hunt down the men who killed his parents and avenge their deaths. Goose explains that violence is not the way to choose and gives the boy the strange Starstone. The stone is carved into an image of a winged horse and Goose tells the boy that his father stayed alive long enough to make sure the boy got this. Billy recognizes the stone as the key that unlocks a secret program from his father's computer. The computer explains that Billy's father developed gene animals for the black market. The last animal he designed was a flying horse named Sundancer. Billy convinces the Rangers to help him track down and rope this wonderful horse. But the alien outlaws who paid for the horse want it back and they are searching for Billy and the Starstone.