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Air date October 3, 1986
Written by Robert Mandell
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"Renegade Rangers"
"Magnificent Kiwi"


The Galaxy Rangers close in to round up the Black Hole Gang at their hideout which is precariously perched on the edge of a black hole. The gang won't give up without a fight and the Rangers go in to take them out. When Niko is caught under a barrage of crossfire, Goose rockets in to deflect the fire allowing Niko to escape. But Goose's ship is blasted and thrown into the black hole. Inside the bizarre hole Goose is exposed to unusual rays of energy that overload his Series Five implant. Goose loses complete control over his biodefenses and begins to change into strange and unknown creatures. His ship is thrown out of a warp'in space and crashes on the planet Ozark. The low tech natives mistake Goose for a monster as Goose uncontrollably changes into menacing creatures. They begin to hunt him down. Goose's only friend on the planet is Annie Oh but will she recognize him?