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Air date November 28, 1986
Written by Henry Beck
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"Tortuna Rock"

"Don Quixote Cody"


The wild and woolly desperado, Cody "Wildfire" Carson, has stolen a powerful energy generating weapon from a gang of outlaws and the gang wants it back. The Galaxy Rangers find Cody lost and adrift in space. When they come on board, instead of the Galaxy Rangers, Cody thinks he sees the actual western folk heroes, Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp, and Bill Hickok. Niko discovers that Cody is suffering from space fever and is delirious. Cody explains that he took the weapon to find and capture the great dragon of Altair but the Rangers think Cody is hallucinating from the fever. Suddenly the outlaw gang attacks. In the fighting, Cody makes a run for it leaving the Rangers to battle it out in space. The outlaws take off after Cody with the Rangers hot on their tail. Cody lands on a nearby planet followed by the outlaw gang. But when the Rangers arrive they find the gang lying in wait to ambush them. Cody thinks the gunfight at OK Corral is being reenacted as he comes to the rescue with a huge dragon by his side.